Wim Van Borm

Hi! I am Wim Sculptor and Artist

The style of my art is quite unique, combining energy with simplicity to create a sculpture with a great appearance. The items are created with great passion and skill and you will be able to proudly display them at your home or work. 

Every sculpture starts with a snapshot of a specific moment in life. This can be people dancing, loving, and caring or an animal jumping, resting, and playing. I try to capture the energy (be it love, anger, playfulness, …)  of the moment and translate this into the sculpture.

Are you looking for something special to decorate your house. Give an exceptional and unique gift to a friend or family. Then you are at the right location. Do not hesitate and contact me.   Wim Van Borm

My current work includes a wide variety of modern sculptures of animals and humans. It is possible to request custom commissions through the contact form. I love to interact with my clients during the design stage to make sure that they receive a piece of art that is personal, unique and beautiful.

All the fine art pieces you will see at here are original and handmade by myself. The sculptures can also be displayed outdoors. In order to do so they need to be treated with an additional polyester coat.